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If you have a rare one of a type that is not listed here and wish to share a picture of the same to enable viewers for knowledge purpose, please send the pictures and I will publish after verification.

If you have ancient texts in Sanskrit detailing the identification of other types of Shaligramas not listed here, please share with me.

If you are well versed in shaligrama identification, help me in identifying the shaligramas listed in the “unknown type”. If you disagree with any of the classifications found in this site, please let me know with a justification for your opinion. This site has used ONLY purana quotations to identify. It has not used the quotations from tantras like pranatoshani etc for its unknown authenticity.


I am smaller than a worm in stature and my existence is insignificant. My knowledge is very limited and a lot to be learnt. I have not realized God (aparoxa gnana) and my vision is very limited. This site is put up with a sole intention of sharing what I know as the saying goes, to learn is to share. If any good turns out of this I surrender it under the lotus feet of my masters and Lord. Any short coming is completely mine and treat this for what it is worth.

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Your suggestions and comments are most welcome.

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